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Microdosing with magic mushrooms and magic truffles may improve creativity, but it is not something to do without proper preparation. Grow your own magic mushrooms or buy ready-to-eat truffles to begin your microdosing experiment and voyage. Microdose mushrooms | Microdose capsules | microdose for sale

What is Microdosing Shroom? | Microdose THC

Microdosing is the repeated administration of minute doses of a hallucinogenic chemical. Psilocybin, for example, is found in mushrooms and magical truffles. Tiny doses range from 0.2 grams to 0.07 grams of magic mushrooms. These are barely over the threshold for the chemical to become active and detectable in the human body. Because the dosage is so low, it does not cause hallucinations or other symptoms associated with a magic mushroom trip (a macro-dose).

The micro-dose is taken on a regular basis, every other day, or according to a microdose regimen.

Microdosing every other day

A common microdosing schedule look like this:

  • Day 1: MicroDose Day,
  • Day 2: Effect Day; Feel (or don’t) the effects of the micro-dose taken the day before
  • Day 3: Resting day; No dose is taken, effects wear off
  • Day 4: MicroDose Day; take your Microdose again.

Microdose mushrooms | Microdose capsules | microdose for sale

To experience the results, stick to the regimen for 10 weeks. Repeat the same schedule all the time. If anything does not feel right, stop. If you have significant effects, reduce the dosage; if you experience no effects, increase the amount.

During this period, continue to undertake your typical activities such as going to work, cleaning, and studying. Maintain as much consistency as possible in your everyday activities. Make notes and reflect on how and what you feel when microdosing.

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