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We offer the most complete indoor grow tents for sale in the United States. Whether it’s totally hydroponic or manual watering, coco or soil, we’ve got options for both beginners and experts, all with top-quality materials at the lowest costs in the United States.

Add to that the fact that we provide the greatest service in the business, with prompt delivery and people with decades of hydroponics knowledge. They’re here to help you get the most out of your next harvest, so give us a call or send us an email if you need some pointers.

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Complete Grow Tent Kit For Sale In US

Whatever your budget, plant type or indoor growing style, we’ve got a kit that can cover it.

What Makes a Good Grow Tent Kit?

If you’re looking for a flowering set-up, good-quality grow kits always feature these key items of equipment:

  1. High-grade grow tents (like those found in the BudBox tent ranges). Good grow tents will provide the areas needed to control your indoor environment and keep light locked firmly inside, where it’s needed most. With reflective sidewalls, they will maximise the effectiveness of your grow lights.
  2. Grow lights (HPS, LED, CDM, etc.): grow light intensity will play a key role in determining the size of your crop. Greater levels of light (in the right spectrum) make for faster photosynthesis rates, keeping things growing sweetly.
  3. Extraction system: this includes a duct fan, a carbon filter and ducting. It will play a key role in controlling temperatures, removing excess moisture and destroying unwanted odours.

Combine these items and you’ve got the foundations of a great tent kit.

Complete Indoor Grow Tent Kits for Every Budget

We’ve got offerings in every price range—something to suit every budget. To start out at a low cost, go for an old-school HPS set-up. If you want the best performance, why not check out one of the latest LED grow kits? They offer better spectra, greater intensity and lower heat levels.

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