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Buy magic mushroom Grow Kits by FreshMushrooms®

The FreshMushrooms® Magic Mushroom Grow Kits are made with a rye-based substrate* that replaces the standard layers of vermiculite and perlite. Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

With the FreshMushrooms® kit, you’ll see the appearance of strong magic mushrooms in only a few weeks, followed by subsequent rich harvests. In ideal circumstances, anticipate the first productive development in a couple of days.

The “XP” mark denotes extra potency, attesting to its potency! This completely grown 100% mycelium kit is really of the highest grade.

Why choose this Magic Mushroom Grow Kit ?

  • Swift Growth: Witness the initial growth in just a week.
  • Abundant Yields: Enjoy up to 4 fruitful harvests.
  • Superior Potency: The FreshMushroom production team affirms that the XP strains are doubly potent!
  • Effortless Care: Minimal maintenance is required, with no need for soaking or misting until the first harvest.

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