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Would you want to purchase several FreshMushrooms® magic mushroom grow kits? Get a great deal on Magic Mushroom Grow Kits when you get them all together!


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The XP Fresh Mushroom Grow Kits make growing incredibly simple. Because the substrate is fully colonized without the need for fillers, these kits require no maintenance at all. Very little needs to be done in order to experience your first high-psilocin flush. Magic Mushroom Grow Kits – FreshMushrooms

You may be guaranteed of a good mushroom harvest if you follow the directions below!

Why choose a FreshMushroom Grow kit ?

  • Quick growth: first pins in a week
  • High yields: Four flushes or more. (In fantastic circumstances)
  • High Potency: The Extra strong (XP) strains are twice as strong, according to the provider!

What’s in the Fresh Mushroom Coupon Five-pack

5 XP mushroom grow kits with active mycelium in rye substrate
One Growbag: The bag has filters all the way around it.
Two paperclips to secure the grow bag.

It’s necessary for

Using a misting bottle is necessary to control the humidity level.
Potable water: useful for soaking and spraying
Maintain a clean workspace to prevent the contamination of other microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi.


Using surgical gloves is advised.

  • Masque for the face
  • hands-only disinfectant
  • Surface-specific disinfectant
  • dripping sack
  • thermocouple thermomat


How to get ready before starting, both in the space and personally

Shut all open windows. The Magic Mushroom grow kit may become contaminated by microorganisms carried in by the wind or air.
After removing the grow box containing the cake from the carton box, place it on a surface that has been cleaned. Should this surface not be spotless, microorganisms could adhere to the grow box, thrive within the Magic Mushroom grow kit, and contaminate the grow box.
Be cautious to keep your hands and arms clean while working. We advise handling the kit with medical gloves or a thorough disinfectant. Wearing a facemask can help you from breathing on the cake and into the grow bag.

Instructions: Starting the Magic Mushroom grow kit

1. Open the package to remove the paperclip, plastic bag, and magic mushroom grow kit. The mushroom grow kit’s lid should be removed (store the lid appropriately). Clean the cover with flowing water. It will come in handy once more (step 7).

2.Secure the plastic grow bag with the opening at the top and insert the mushroom grow kit without a cover.The microperforation should be pointing upward when you slide the bag’s opening under the bottom. This closes the bag’s opening most of the way. Concerning air circulation, you should not worry.

3. The grow bag can be placed upright once you notice the first little mushrooms, known as pins.Avoid watering!It will take roughly a week to see the first magic mushrooms.

4. Set up the mushroom grow kit in a light-filled, well-ventilated space that is between 18 and 28 degrees Celsius. ALWAYS keep the grow kit out of direct sunlight. While they may thrive in nearly any temperature over 15 °C, mushrooms ideally grow at 23 °C for the best harvest. It is not necessary to heat the entire space to maintain this temperature; special heat mats are available.

5. When the mushrooms get a slightly larger size because the pins leave the bag slightly open the entire time to allow the moisture to escape (Phase 2). It’s bad to have too much dampness.

It will take about a week for the first mushrooms to appear. It will take roughly a week for your first harvest. Make sure to gather your harvest prior to the first spores falling! Grow kits for fresh mushrooms provide their first crop quite rapidly. After just a week, the first buds are already noticeable. This growth phase may be somewhat delayed by extremes in temperature. Stop spraying the inside of the bag as soon as you can see the buds. Before the mushrooms are completely grown, it normally takes one to two weeks.

6. You can harvest mushrooms multiple times with these kits. After the first harvest, do this by adding clean tap water to the kit. Cold shock is the term for this phenomenon. It gives the mycelium new vitality and makes sure there is adequate moisture for the mushrooms to flourish.

7. Reattach the grow kit cover to the kit. 7. Give the kit a 12-hour break. Take off the surplus water by opening a corner of the lid. You can now proceed by repeating step 1’s instructions. This procedure can be carried out multiple times.

Growing with heatingmat (use only for this kit)

Lay the plastic bag containing the Grow Kit onto the heating surface. Verify that the heating mat has adequate space for ventilation on all sides. Alternatively, set a temperature using a thremosat.

Activate the heating mat.
Turn off the heat mat after two days and observe until the buds have formed, which typically takes five to ten days.
To allow the moisture to escape, turn the heat mat back on and slightly open the bag’s top.

What should be done if, after 10 days, the buds still haven’t opened. After removing the cake from the plastic box, place it back inside on its side and begin the two-day heating mat experiment again.

* The FreshMushroom manufacturer’s advice. We advise against handling the item in any way.

How to store the grow kit correctly

It is advised to begin the cultivation process as soon as possible. If you choose to begin growing later, the magic mushroom grow kit can be kept for four weeks from the manufacture date in the refrigerator (2°C to 8°C) inside a soaking bag.


24°C is the optimal temperature. Make sure the temperature doesn’t go below 18°C or above 29°C. You can use a thermo mat to maintain the perfect temperature and prevent it from falling below 18°C. In the winter and in the coldest parts of the world, a thermo mat is an absolute necessity.


Light is all that is needed for the mycelium in the magic mushroom grow kit to “understand” that it has reached the surface. Mushrooms will grow only then. It is more than sufficient to have a few hours each day of indirect sunshine or fluorescent/artificial light. Avoid letting the sun beam directly on the grow kit as it may kill the mycelium.


In seven to ten days, if all goes according to plan, the first little mushrooms—the pins—should start to appear. The tension affects this as well. Certain strains of Cubensis grow more slowly than others.


The mushrooms appear in clusters. This group could be tiny or large. Depending on the tension, yes. This kind of growth is referred to as a flush. A kit can be used for multiple flushes. The greatest flushes occur during the first two. More flushes will follow, but they will be smaller than the first.

The mushrooms in a flush are rarely ripe at the same time.


When the veil between the hat and the stem has just torn, that is when you should harvest the ripe magic mushrooms (or just before) Do not delay any longer.

Use surgical gloves at all times, or wash your hands, wrists, and arms. Let us begin:

Let the mushrooms develop to maturity and only harvest the ripe ones.
Placing the mushrooms between your thumb and index finger will make it easy to remove them from the cake.
Twist the mushroom gently; it will almost instantly release its hold.
Get rid of the vermiculite on the stem.

Pick the pins and the smaller mushrooms when assembling a kit for the upcoming flush.

Find out more about how to gather and choose your magic mushroom kits.

Mushrooms that grow from the sides

Where there is less penetrating resistance and light penetration, mushrooms flourish. The light beaming on the sides of the cake may encourage the growth of mushrooms. This is difficult to argue against and is permissible. To keep the edges of the grow box dark, some growers wrap aluminum foil around them, but this isn’t always effective.

There are mushrooms that can be plucked right before the kit is soaked:

pristine hands

  • Take the grow box out of the bag and place it upside down on your other hand. Wiggle the plastic box so that the cake will fall out, onto your hand.
  • The plastic box can be placed on a disinfectant surface.
  • Now you have this hand free to pick the mushrooms from the sides of the cake.
  • When all mushrooms are picked, you can place the cake back as it was, in the plastic box and continue to the soaking process.

The end

A Magic Mushroom grow kit can be thrown away if no new mushrooms sprout from it after the second flush for at least three weeks, or if it becomes green, red, grey, or yellow.

The grow kit may have become contaminated with bacteria or another fungus as a result of the color change. The Psilocybe cubensis Magic mushroom grow kit is finished and should be tossed outside in the trash. No further mushrooms will grow from it.


The mushrooms will release their Magic Mushroom Spores when it is too late for you to pick them. The spores will cause the cake and the mushrooms to turn black or purple (some other cubensis strains turning red or brown). It just doesn’t seem very attractive, but it’s not really an issue.

The active compounds in mushrooms break down and begin to decay when they release their spores. You’ll lose some of the strength of the mushrooms.

Be sensible

Visit the responsible use page to learn more about what to do and what not to do.

This kit is meant for small-scale home use only.

Additional information


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5 reviews for Magic Mushroom Grow Kits – FreshMushrooms

  1. Dorand

    Great site and team special thanks to Frank I wish you all the best.
    If you have questions, write to the site, they answer quickly and will help you.
    After you pay the order is shipped quickly and you get a tracking code everything is correct.
    And for the mushrooms, they may all be cubensis, but the mushrooms differ in their action.
    When the Mondo Grow Kits arrived, I filled them with water and put them in the fridge for 12 hours, then strained the water and put them in the bags, but on both sides of the Grow Kit I put caps of liquid chocolate before cleaning them with rubbing alcohol, that the caps help the drops flow to the bottom of the bag and not get inside the Grow Kit I spray morning and evening on the side of the bag once a week I squeeze out the water that collects at the bottom of the bag the first 3-4 days a white mycelium appears on top after wait for the mushrooms to appear for a few days while they grow and
    you can collect the mushrooms by opening the veil from below, first collect the biggest ones and the next day all of them, even the small ones, don’t wait any longer and use gloves, disinfect them, and also peel them and rinse the sides of the box and repeat the process, soak them again for 12 hours this with the Mondo Grow Kit but then the little mushrooms grow for about 3 or 4 days and it repeats until mushrooms appear or the kit gets dirty .The temperature I use is 24-25 degrees without a mat, if you use a mat, you must place a metal cap underneath the Grow Kit and gently make a nest with a towel.
    1.Mondo Grow Kit Thai Ban Hua after 10 days the first small mushrooms appeared, the stalks are long first flush 90 grams second flush 90 grams third flush 60 grams now I will see a fourth flush
    2.Mondo Grow Kit Mexican after 14 days, the first small mushrooms appeared first flush 190 grams second flush 80 grams third flush 50 grams I am currently waiting to see if the fourth flush will appear
    3.Mondo Grow Kit Cambodian the first small mushrooms appeared on the 16th day they have thick stalks first flush 200 grams second flush 80 grams now I have small mushrooms for the third flush
    4.Mondo Grow Kit PES Amazon the first small mushrooms appeared on 21 days first flush 70 grams second flush also 70 grams now I’m waiting for the third flush
    5.Mondo Grow Kit Mazatapec did not grow for me and they sent me another kit for free, I chose Mondo Grow Kit McKennaii
    With the Mondo Grow Kit McKennaii, the second flush, the caps are wider and more colorful than the first, and that’s my opinion, but the effects seem to be different and stronger. With the other mushrooms, also separate the different flush into a different pack and try.
    Personally, after drying and grinding each flush, I put it in a different bag and write it down.
    Most of you know, but I will write that 10 grams of wet mushrooms in a dry state is about 1 gram, if you use meditation for a weak effect, you need 1 gram, normally it is 1.5 grams, but two weeks before that you have not microdosed or taken other similar and so you can take it again after two weeks of rest, you can also wait for the full moon of the month in the dark with your eyes close
    How to store dried mushrooms should not be kept in the open, because the strength will disappear.
    They should be tightly closed without moisture getting in, if you have a vacuum bag it is best to vacuum them to keep them for a long time, and even though they are dry inside the bag you can put packages to remove the moisture.
    I tried the Mexican mushrooms and managed to remember something that I would like to realize as a project in the future.
    Good luck to everyone.

  2. Markus

    Solid first flush, just waiting too see what the second flush brings but looks positive

  3. Yve

    I’m really happy with the abundant flushes, great medicine!
    Amazing ceremonies ????????
    Thank you

  4. Drille

    Great B+ product with larger yields. Grow bags used this time. Yields: 752, 756, 675, 750 and 352 g fresh. The average yields are now more than twice that with previous supplier. Continued fast shipment and smooth service

  5. Patrick

    It always comes fast, works good. 1 was contaminated but I got another one real quick ❤️

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