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The Yield Lab Professional Complete Wheatgrass Growing Kits are the only option if you are passionate about growing wheatgrass or want to do it as a career. Everything you need for year-round wheatgrass production in any weather conditions is included in this package. Two trays of wheatgrass can be housed in the supplied reflective grow tent, and your wheatgrass seeds will receive the vegetative grow light they require from the 50w Blue LED Grow Light. You can’t go wrong with our Yield Lab Professional Complete Wheatgrass Growing Kit, whether you own a juice bar or just want wheatgrass juice on demand. Yield Lab Professional Complete Wheatgrass Growing Kit.

Package Includes:

  • 100% Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat Seeds (5 LB)-  These seeds take about 3 days to sprout and only 7 to 10 days to grow, so within two weeks you’re ready to enjoy your homegrown wheatgrass. A single 1lb bag will yield approximately one 21″ x 10″ tray of wheatgrass (this kit includes 5 bags).
  • Humboldt Nutrients Soil- Humboldt Earth (5 LB)- Made of a high vitimin and minieral blend of organic ingredients, Humboldt Earth Soil soaks up water evenly and easily, and is best for indoor potted plants, vegetable crops, and much more. One bag will fill about six flats of wheatgrass (this kit comes with 2 bags).
  • 22 Watt Super Ultra Thin All Blue LED Grow Light Panel- The spectrum (430-460nm) is on the lower end of the spectrum and promotes the growth of leaves during the vegging stage
  • Yield Lab 32x32x24 Reflective Grow Tent- Our Yield Lab 32x32x24″ Reflective Grow Tents are the best tents for all of your indoor seeding, germinating, and cloning needs! Its reflective mylar is water proof and lightproof, and designed to utilize all the light your bulbs emit. This tent fits two wheatgrass trays.
  • 2x Yield Lab 20.75 x 10 inch Seed and Clone Heat Mats- Heat is the backbone of any grower’s seedlings and sprouts, and with our Seed and Clone heat mats you’ll get your seeds and clones warm enough to stimulate roots and CO2 production without burning your growing plants.
  •  2x Yield Lab 8″ Propogation Domes & 5x 20″x10″ Trays– Our Yield Lab Propogation Trays and Domes are made of durable plastic and offer breathing vents for easy drainage and oxygen flow in to your growing wheatgrass. Humidity is key for sprouts, and these domes and trays are made to keep humidity trapped for CO2 production. Easy to clean and reusable, these trays can be used for multiple wheatgrass grows.


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