6.5×6.5ft LED Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

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Here is what the future holds: the 6.5′ x 6.5′ LED Hydro Grow Tent System. Because it uses one Advance Spectrum 900W Sun Series light source, the LED grow light can illuminate a 42 square foot space wall to wall. Due to its reduced power consumption of 110w, this grow lamp produces light comparable to a conventional 1200w HPS system. It is incredibly powerful and efficient. 6.5×6.5ft LED Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

With less energy used and a bright light source, this efficiency translates into financial savings.

One of the usual challenges faced by many soil producers is caring for twelve plants at a time. The procedure can be streamlined, though, by using an incredible hydroponic system that can support twelve adult-sized plants, feed them all at once, and require maintenance just once a week.

With the programmable hydroponic system from AirCube Hydroponics, you can spend more time doing anything you want and less time tending to your garden. Since this arrangement is truly a work of art, if you’re like me, all I can do in my spare time is sit and admire my crop.

We have information for those who are considering taking a big plunge into indoor gardening but are not quite sure where to start. A DVD setup and grow guide that demonstrates the piece-by-piece assembly of your system is included with this entire grow tent kit.
As it became operational, we advanced and produced a 12-week growth guide that you can adhere to. We demonstrate the most effective way to use your grow tent system by taking you through a full week of growing.

Grow Tent: 6.5′ x 6.5′ Yield Lab Grow Tent

Yield Lab Grow Tents are an affordable solution to growing without compromising quality. The 600D thread count mylar fabric makes these tents extremely strong and with the 95% reflective interior and light-proof zippers means there will be no lost light.
The solid metal locking frame has reinforced connections at the corners and will support over 200 lbs. of equipment. The thick 19 mm poles are powder coated for added durability and are easy to assemble with self snapping locks.
The design of these grow tents was thought out carefully with the placement of the electrical cord ports and air tight ducting ports for air cooled reflectors as well as a ventilation system.
This tent has a large front door with a velcro strap to hold back the door while you are working.
The mesh vents located on each side of the tent allow for airflow without letting any foreign pests or particles into the environment. The easy view window located on the front makes checking on your plants easy without having to open up the tent.
All windows and vents in this tent have an air-tight velcro lining so no air or light can pass through.


Grow Light: Advance Spectrum 900W Sun Series 8-Bar Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

An extremely durable yield master enclosed in a 37″ x 11″ x 3″ panel. The 6’6″ x 6’6″ grow tent is designed to have wall-to-wall lighting thanks to the LED grow light panel. Here are just a few highlights from an impressive display that outperforms a typical 1000w HID light setup:

Develop a uniform plant canopy. With this grow tent system’s 6′ 6″ height, growing a particular crop may become uneven if you don’t provide your garden’s lighting a balanced intensity. You can guarantee a robust growing experience with the even lighting provided by the Advance Spectrum 900W Sun Series LED grow light panel. emits the ideal spectrum for the growth of your plants. Because LED technology is so sophisticated, you can select the precise wavelength of light that plants require to grow—blues, reds, oranges, greens, and so on—just like you would select the colours you need from a rainbow. Because of this, the colours of this LED grow light are carefully selected to optimise the growth potential of your crop. It emits a real full spectrum. Maintain a cool grow tent. The heat produced by LED grow lights is lower than that of HID grow lights. Better circumstances for managing your growing environment result from less heat. Additionally, you will need less energy to maintain the proper humidity and temperature in your home. Reduced heat = Reduced energy = Saves money.

– Over 50,000 hours of life.
3-Year Guarantee.



Hydroponic System: AirCube Active Oxygen Ebb & Flow Grow System – 12 Site

With the AirCube Active Oxygen Ebb and Flow Grow System, get set to start gaining weight! The way people produce inside has radically changed thanks to this hydroponic arrangement. This 12 bucket system is used in conjunction with the 6′ 6″ by 6′ 6″ grow tent system to optimise space and, more significantly, to provide you with a genuine sense of control.
Use a 60-gallon reservoir tank to store your nutrient-enriched water. When not in use, this tank folds up easily for storage and transportation.
With the aerated cloth grow pots that are positioned deep within the sturdy green buckets, you can give your plants’ roots more oxygen and benefit from excellent drainage capabilities.
Never have to pick up a watering cantine again when you water your plant. You can regulate when your plants need to be watered by using the controller module, sometimes known as the “brain bucket.”
Once daily is what we advise throughout the first three weeks of growth, then twice daily as it gets bigger.

Odor + Heat Removal: Yield Lab Fan and Filter Combo

This indoor grow tent setup offers a significant improvement over the Yield Lab Fan and Filter combo.
A 440 CFM 6″ Yield Lab High Output Fan and a Yield Lab 6″ Carbon Filter are included in the standard combo.
This promotes even air exchange within your grow tent, resulting in a consistent climate.
With the additional cooling, you can bid excessive heat problems farewell.
This configuration comes with all of the Yield Lab fan controllers, ducting, and clamps.

Grow Medium: Root Royale Coco/Perlite Mix 50L

The Root Royale Coco/Perlite Mix is an ideal combination for your garden, as it contains both coco and perlite!
This medium provides you with the best drainage and absorption because it is made up of aged and cleaned coco and 30% perlite.
Simply fill and grow instead of smearing your media on the floor.
Because cellulose makes up 45% of the material in coco coir, it doesn’t clump or decompose, and perlite gives your roots more space to spread out.
Additionally, the perlite facilitates the salts’ descent into the pot’s bottom and out of your medium!

Nutrients: Lotus Nutrients Starter Kit and Lotus Nutrients Pro Series CAL/MAG

Make indoor growing easier with the Lotus Nutrients Sample Starter Kit. Grow, Bloom Nutrients, and Pro Series Boost are the three goods that are included in it. Everything you need to develop successfully and increase yield is included in the package. It is designed to support vigorous plant growth at every stage of the growth cycle.

The premium source of the two secondary nutrients that are most easily absorbed, Lotus Pro Series Cal/Mag, is crucial for balanced and healthy growth and is especially important for coco-based grows. Its perfect mixture will keep your develop from experiencing calcium/magnesium lockdown. It works well as a root zone application or foliar spray as well.

– A feeding regimen is provided for soil and hydroponic plants.
Vitamins, pH, and PPM The industry-standard testing wands are equipped with an LCD display that is easy to read, a straightforward calibration procedure, and batteries. Without these testers, no dedicated indoor grower ever leaves the house.
– Xacto Shot Glass is supplied for precise measuring of nutrients.
– pH Adjusters: To get the ideal acidity levels for your feeding and watering plan, use a combo kit that includes both X Nutrients pH Up and pH Down.

Every Other Piece

We’ve added a light timer, clip-on fan, hygrometer, and adjustable light hooks to go with your lighting, ventilation system, nutrition, pH kit, and containers so you can monitor your humidity and temperature.

Grow Kit Includes

1 x Yield Lab 6.5’ x 6.5’ Grow Tent
1 x Advance Spectrum 900W Sun Series LED Grow Light
1 x Yield Lab 6” 440CFM High Output Fan
1 x Yield Lab 6” Carbon Air Filter
1 x 6”x8’ Insulated Foil Ducting
1 x AirCube Advanced Brain Controller
2 x AirCube Active Oxygen 6 Site Grow Cube
1 x AirCube Collapsible Reservoir
2 x Root Royale Coco/Perlite Mix
1 x Lotus Nutrients Starter Kit
1 x Lotus Nutrients Pro Series Cal/Mag
4 x Clip-on Fan
1 x PH Meter
1 x PPM Meter
1 x Xacto Shot Glass
1 x X Nutrients pH Up
1 x X Nutrients pH Down
1 x Hygrometer
1 x 24 Hour Programmable Electric Timer
2 x Adjustable Light Hangar
2 x Trellis Netting

Full Digital Setup & Grow Guide for 12 Weeks:

The Home Growace Complete Grow Tent Systems are an enormous grow kit and instruction manual.

It includes with installation instructions, a cost-effective indoor grow system customised to your grow style, and a 12-week video guide that walks you through the process of growing effectively inside.

We give you all the information you’ll need to grow crops or seasonal gardens all year round. In a matter of days, the data in this system provides a decade’s worth of indoor gardening experience.

The entire product is jam-packed with tables, graphs, charts, and excellent photographs that come together to create a personal indoor gardening bible.

All of this knowledge has been combined to create an indoor grow system that is so simple to use that even your grandmother could grow an incredible first crop.The GrowAce Yield System is praised by users as being excellent for both novice and seasoned growers who only need minor adjustments. This all-inclusive growth bundle is similar to a “Dummies” book, just with more details.

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  1. Herman TH

    I had looked for a grow tent setup for sometime now. when I found growace I thought they had some good product at some good prices. I placed my order and when it arrived I had some pieces missing. They where great to deal with and shipped me the missing pieces right away. I would do business with them again and have.p.s the L E D’s have been doing a great job. my plants look great!

  2. James

    The 6.5×6.5ft LED Hydro complete indoor grow tent system is such an affordable product! All the earlier grow tents that I have bought cost me a lot and was of extremely poor quality. This one in comparison is a charm and I am happy with this deal. I love indoor grow tents as you can grow different kinds of vegetation and plants even if they are not in season, especially the exotic ones. And the durability of this tent, along with accessories such as the oxygen pot system really helped me get the best out of my gardening endeavors. This product has helped me with it and I am reaping some wonderful benefits. I wish I could share some produce with you along with this review, but trust me this is a product to go for today.

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