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Buy Psilocybe Magic Mushroom Spores Vials Online USA


DescriptionBuy Psilocybe Spores Vial USA

These magical mushrooms strain grows aggressively on a wide range of substrates and temperatures (even as low as 15 degrees Celsius). When cultivated on nutritious substrates such as cased grains, compost, and straw, magic mushroom has the ability to produce giant mushrooms, easily reaching a height of one foot (30 cm) or more. Buy Psilocybe Spores Vial USA Buy Psilocybe Spores Vial USA

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13 reviews for Buy Psilocybe Spores Vial USA

  1. Glenn

    So far very happy. My first experience, so I’m waiting for the harvest. There were no problems with delivery.

  2. Soh

    Had no issues with these spore vials, they’ve got an Incredibly fast delivery time too. I’d recommend you guys to anyone

  3. Flyod

    order a pack containing Cambodian, B+ and Golden Teacher. While the Cambodian’s spores went off well in agar and in grain, the B+ spores only germinate in 1 out of 10 agar plates. The golden teachers haven’t shown any growth in neither agar nor grain spawn.
    Will update, if this changes in the future

  4. Amos

    It was my first time using this so I did not get such good results. I did nnt know how much to use and I broke some of my jars when I left the rye grain cooking without water . I managed to get enough colonized for 1 1l box out of the syringe. I have not grown the mushrooms yet because it is not ready yet. If you are looking for something interesting to do this is a good option. But if its just mushrooms you are after the B plus mycelium boxes are much better. Some of the mushrooms I got from the B Plus mycelium boxes weigh 15 grams most 10 grams. Very easy to grow. Spray 5 times every 2 days with water and not too bright light. A kind of shaded area is best. 3 weeks later almost the whole surface is covered with huge 10 gram mushrooms. Very fast delivery. This is the best website to buy mushroom stuff from. Fast customer service as well.

  5. Stick

    Very effective and concentrate spore vial, just one problem, one of my spore vial done nothing, after a long exchange with customer service, nothing, so 4 stars only

  6. Pete

    It was interesting as a novel albino mushroom but I wouldn’t try them again. I’ve tried six different varieties of spore vials – other than this one, they have all been great. My favourite so far for effortless fruiting and big yields is Thai Ban Hua. If you’re looking for something different, I would suggest something like that instead of this one

  7. Mark

    I received two vials and both of them were vital. I am very satisfied and I do recommend this product.
    Very fast delivery as well.

  8. Alex

    introspective and powerful .. do not joke with them and it will be very satisfied!

  9. Jason

    I’ve had consistently excellent results with spore vials of this brand but this one was a disappointment. I tried PF Tek and liquid culture to several minitubs but couldn’t get them to fruit. Over several months with many attempts, I finally managed with my last two minitubs to coax them to fruition but they needed extra special care and the yields were minimal.

  10. Poke

    I did not received my shipment the local security arrested i want to order again but i needet in stealth way can you?

  11. Alex

    Golden Teacher
    I like the liquid form of spores, just add it to the substrate. Very easy to work with.
    I used Sterile Magic Mushroom substrate for p. Cubensis Extra Large.
    GT started to grow fast (in comparison with B+).
    Large mushrooms with the canon gold caps.
    Had 3 big waves.

  12. Edward F

    B+ has a reputation as a forgiving tolerant fast-colonising strain that reliably produces generous flushes. I found that to be the case with mine. I even got a single mushroom of 122 grams, my largest yet.

  13. Christopher

    I tried to inoculate and followed the steps. There was little mycelium growth in both substrates but then it turned color. It was probably my mistake. I give it 4 stars because I am about to order again and try it once again, more carefully

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