Pro Series Complete Clone and Rooting Package

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Everything you need to successfully germinate seeds, obtain excellent cuttings, and clone like a pro is included in the Pro Series Complete Clone and Rooting Package! The Yield Lab Reflective 32x32x24″ grow tent, the ideal size for germination and cloning mediums, is included with these plant cloning kits. In addition, we offer sterile, disposable medical-grade scalpels for sanitising cuttings taken from your mother plant. Pro Series Complete Clone and Rooting Package

After dipping the tips of the cuttings into the EZ-Clone Rooting Compound to encourage the formation of new roots, insert them into the Speedy Root plugs. To create moisture for your clones, spritz the EZ Co2 Pads with water and place one inside one of the starter cells. After positioning the cuttings, cover the Root Radiance heating mat with the dome. Remember to place your clippings and seeds beneath the 22W LED Blue Grow Light Panel to encourage the creation of chlorophyll. When the time is right, move your sprouts and clones to a bigger growing medium, and you’ll have a robust, productive garden!

Plant Cloning Supplies Include:

  • Yield Lab 32x32x24″ Reflective Grow Tent
  • 22 Watt Blue LED Grow Light Panel
  • EZ Co2 Pads (10 Pad Pack)
  • Speedy Root 50 Cell Starter Tray
  • MX-Clone Rooting Compound 2oz.
  • Premium 8″ Domes in cloning kits for plants
  • 20.75″ x 10″ Root Radiance Heat Mat
  • Gro1 Scalpels (10pcs/box)
  • 10″ x 20″ EXTREME Propagation Tray
  • Humboldt Roots Rooting Compound no longer in kit


These plant cloning kits are superior to other comparable kits available on the market because:

Robust humidity dome
Reliable heat mat that can be reused
The Speedy Roots Cell Starter formula makes for a better root starter system. Excellent for clones and seeds!
The equipment for plant cloning includes a sturdy propagation tray.
The supplies for plant cloning include medical-grade scalpels for clean cuttings.
Clone Gel with a 99% success rate and a tested recipe
Every Blue LED diode to encourage development and increase the production of chlorophyll

Simply attach your clones to the starting plugs, set them on a heat mat, add water, and cover the tray with a humidity dome. If you provide them with some light, your clones will quickly begin to root!

2 reviews for Pro Series Complete Clone and Rooting Package

  1. Allen

    Works great. Crop thrived with little maintenance.

  2. Crae

    Another great grow package at Home Growace. The tent is of the same material and quality as my larger YL 4X4, easy kit to put together and complete. At this point, other than the plants, there was little that I needed to add to this kit…maybe a timer as I needed to regulate the light. Yeah, if they included a timer, it would be a great addition! I had some pretty sad looking clones in my larger tent that was on a different lighting schedule and I knew I needed the clones to have a different light pattern and do it in an economically way. This kit fits the bill. Only issue was a leaking nutrient bottle which I contacted Home Growace about and they are sending a new one…although it hasn’t shipped yet (but so far I’ve found that HG has great customer support). If you’re looking for a small, low cost (kit and power consumption) unit to keep your genetics going, this is it!

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