2x4ft HID Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

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2x4ft HID Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System instantly upgrades old-school indoor gardening! This bite-sized grow tent system is ideal for covert growing in small and tight places. Because most small size grow tent systems are underutilized, the equipment included with this grow kit is particularly designed to optimize the area you are growing in. The equipment that comes with this system is what makes it simple to use. 2x4ft HID Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System | Home Grow Tent 

You will receive an industry standard HID grow light system that will be utilized during the whole grow cycle, as well as a hydroponic system that will hydrate and feed your plants automatically. The environmental controls assist in the exhaustion of heat and wasted oxygen, while the intake fan delivers in new cold air to help your plants develop. You will also receive assistance in the form of a complimentary DVD video guide that will walk you through the process of setting up your indoor grow tent system step by step. New indoor gardeners will benefit greatly from this grow tent system since it also includes a 12-week grower’s handbook that teaches you through how to utilize your full grow tent system for the first time throughout their initial grow cycle.

This 2×4 Complete produce Tent Package has everything you need to create the ideal indoor garden, produce and harvest nearly anything, and live the life of a real green thumb.

All complete grow tent solutions include the best equipment available.

Our Complete 2′ x 4′ Grow Tent Package is ideal for quietly growing in small places. Consider utilizing this 2′ x 4′ complete grow tent set from start to finish for mother plants or 2 – 6 plants. The dimensions of this 2’x4′ grow tent are 48″ wide by 24″ deep by 60″ tall. The integrated Covert carbon filter and inline fan will assist with exhausting stagnant air from the grow tent while also removing unpleasant smells.

Grow Tent: 2′ x 4′ Yield Lab Grow Tent

Yield Lab cultivate Tents are an economical way to cultivate without sacrificing quality. The 600D thread count mylar fabric makes these tents incredibly durable, while the 95% reflective interior and light resistant zippers ensure that no light is lost.
The sturdy metal locking frame is strengthened at the corners and can handle up to 200 pounds of equipment. The strong 19 mm poles are powder coated for additional durability and come with self snapping locks for simple assembly.
The positioning of electrical cable ports and air tight ducting openings for air cooled reflectors, as well as a ventilation system, was carefully considered in the construction of these grow tents.
This tent includes a huge front door with a velcro strap to keep it closed while you work.
The mesh vents on either side of the tent allow for ventilation while keeping alien bugs and debris out of the environment. The front easy view glass allows you to check on your plants without having to open the tent.
This tent’s windows and vents have an airtight velcro liner that prevents any air or light from passing through.


Grow Light: Yield Lab 6” Air Cooled Tube

The Yield Lab 6″ Air Cooled Tube is essential for the 4′ x 2′ grow tent for several reasons:
– Slim and small design that fits well within your covert-sized grow tent.
– We picked this over our conventional air conditioned hood option since it provides wall to wall coverage.
– A 95% highly reflective German designed aluminum insert distributes light evenly throughout your grow tent.
– The 6 inch diameter ducting ports will keep your grow tent cool.
– Because there is less drag, your exhaust fan runs more efficiently than other reflectors.
– Greater efficiency equals longer lifespan.
– Airtight design ensures that no heat or odors escape from your grow tent.
Measurements: 25″ L x 6″ W

Ballast: Yield Lab 400w Digital Dimming Ballast

The Yield Lab 400w Digital Dimming Ballast can efficiently power any 400w HPS or MH bulb.

Yield Lab Digital Dimming Ballasts come standard with industry-leading features like: – Ignition control – Soft start
– Pre-ignition failure checks – A Super lumen function to increase the lifespan of older grow bulbs.

Grow Light Bulb: Yield Lab 400w High Pressure Sodium Bulb

The Yield Lab 400w High-Pressure Sodium Bulb has been shown to boost vegetative growth and blooming.
These bulbs are engineered to provide optimal spectral and PAR output.
In your grow room, the intense yellow-orange-red light promotes healthy fruiting and blooming.

Hydroponic System: Root Spa 5 Gal 4 DWC Bucket System

The 2′ x 4′ Grow Tent bundle includes an easy-to-use hydroponic system. Because it is a deep water culture system, water is continually delivered to your plant from the top down. The Root Spa 5 Gallon 4 Deep Water Culture System can support the growth of up to four medium/small plants. It’s a complete system with an integrated air pump to oxygenate your water.

This system includes:

– an 8″ bucket basket to store your growing media of choice

– a multi-purpose air hose that feeds air from the pump to the bottom of the bucket

– an air pump to oxygenate the water to aid root growth, 12″ grommet fitting, 12″ elbow fitting, and 14″ black tubing

Grow Medium: Root Royale Coco/Perlite Mix 50L

Root Royale Coco/Perlite Mix is a coco and perlite combination that is ideal for your garden!
This medium provides adequate absorption and drainage by combining aged and cleaned coco with 30% perlite.
No more splattering your media on the floor; just fill and expand.
The coco coir contains 45% cellulose (which inhibits compacting/decomposing) and the perlite offers more space for your roots to grow wild.
The perlite also aids in the movement of salts to the bottom of the pot and out of your medium!

Odor + Heat Removal: Yield Lab Fan and Filter Combo

In this indoor grow tent system, the Yield Lab Fan and Filter combination receives a significant update.
The typical package includes a 440 CFM 6″ Yield Lab High Output Fan and a Yield Lab 6″ Carbon Filter.
This maintains a stable atmosphere by evenly exchanging air in your grow tent.
With the additional cooling, you can say goodbye to excessive heat issues.
This kit includes all Yield Lab fan controls, ducting, and clamps.

Nutrients: Lotus Nutrients Starter Kit and Lotus Nutrients Pro Series CAL/MAG

Using the Lotus Nutrients Sample Starter Kit, you may simplify your indoor growing experience. It consists of three items: Pro Series Boost, Grow, and Bloom Nutrients. The package includes everything you need to develop effectively and increase production. It is designed to promote rapid plant development throughout the growing cycle. 2x4ft HID Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System | Home Grow Tent

Lotus Pro Series Cal/Mag is a high-quality supply of the two most easily absorbed secondary nutrients, which are important for balanced and healthy development in coco-based plants. Its optimum combination will keep calcium and magnesium locked out of your grow. It can also be used as a foliar spray or in the root zone.

Feeding, pH adjusters, and pH + PPM testers

– A feeding regimen for both hydroponic and soil growth is supplied.
– pH Adjusters: A combination package that includes both X Nutrients pH Up and pH Down to modify your watering and feeding schedule to the ideal acidity levels.
– pH + PPM Testers are industry-standard testing wands with an easy-to-read LCD panel, a quick calibration process, and supplied batteries. These tests are required for any professional indoor grower.
– An Xacto Shot Glass is supplied for precise nutrition measurement.

All Other Components

To monitor your temperature and humidity, we’ve included a light timer, hygrometer, clip-on fan, and adjustable light hooks to match with your lighting, ventilation system, nutrition, pH kit, and containers.

Grow Kit Includes

1 x Yield Lab 2’ x 4’ Grow Tent (Option to Upgrade to Gorilla Grow Tent)
1 x Yield Lab 6” Air Cooled Tube Reflector
1 x Yield Lab 400W Digital Dimming Ballast
1 x Yield Lab 400W HPS Light Bulb
1 x Root Spa DWC Bucket System
1 x Root Royale Coco/Perlite Mix
1 x Yield Lab 6” 440CFM High Output Fan
1 x Yield Lab 6” Carbon Air Filter
2 x 6”x8’ Insulated Foil Ducting
1 x Lotus Nutrients Starter Kit
1 x Lotus Nutrients Pro Series Cal/Mag
1 x PH Meter
1 x PPM Meter
1 x Xacto Shot Glass
1 x X Nutrients pH Up
1 x X Nutrients pH Down
1 x Hygrometer
1 x 24 Hour Programmable Electric Timer
2 x Clip-on Fan
1 x Adjustable Light Hangar
1 x Trellis Netting

2x4ft HID Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

5 reviews for 2x4ft HID Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

  1. Mark

    Good product for a good price! I would buy from this seller again.

  2. Jason

    This is just perfect! This has everything you could ever need to start growing indoors. The LED light is awesome, low power consumption with great light spectrum. The tent is made up of highly durable and reflective material which is great for your plants. Everything from the filters to the duct fans and other accessories are just amazing!

  3. Sam

    Hi i’m Sam and I am lazy. I stumbled upon Home Growace and their complete grow packages, when I saw how many options I have to choose from I was happy. I choose this kit, because I wanted to work w/ LEDs for their efficiency. When I got this kit a little while back now I was stunned! It literally came with everything I needed minus the plants, soil and water, how great! I am not a first time grower, but this is the first time I am growing indoors, this kit literally made this transition as easy as possible for me. If anyone out there is looking for ease of use, these are the kits for you! I, Lazy Sam am loving this package and I know you will too.

  4. Paul

    First, this is a really good system. Two grows so far, and both very successful. I can highly recommend this system. The reasons I didn’t give 5 stars are as follows. The 6 inch fan is over kill. It’s extremely loud. A 4 inch fan would suffice. The other reason is the tent height. You really need to use plant training for tall plants. A minimum 6ft. height would be better.

  5. Megan M

    I’m a newbie at this, and I wanted to make sure I started off with everything I needed. Honestly I can say I got my packages set everything up and literally I was able to start my growing process immediately! I’m very happy with the quality of the LED and the tent, I love the material it is made out of very heavy duty compared to some of the other tents I ordered through different companies. Overall this is perfect for a newbie or someone with limited growing space.

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